We need opposition to the plan to take away free travel from young people

Liberal Democrat Councillors, Parliamentary spokespersons and our Barnet and Camden GLA candidate has written in the Camden New Journal about the campaign to save free travel...

"Young people (11-17) will lose the right to free travel in London after half-term and we believe that is fundamentally wrong.

"The government plan, imposed on Transport for London as part of its recent bailout package, does not make financial sense. The administrative costs it creates will outweigh any significant savings.

"More importantly, it attacks those whose lives have already been blighted by the pandemic. Children who live under two miles from their school will have to walk or pay for their travel. This will be an impossible burden for low-income families and it will impoverish the lives of all children.

"This generation have had their educations disrupted. For those who have recently acquired qualifications, their value is uncertain. For those currently taking courses, it is unclear what will happen next. Their employment prospects are bleak.

"It is no surprise young people’s mental health has suffered. They do not deserve this extra kick. On Camden Council, Labour have rightly got behind a Lib Dem motion attacking these plans.

"We now call on our MPs, Sir Keir Starmer and Tulip Siddiq, to put their names to the Early Day Motion before the Commons: we must act urgently together for the sake of Camden’s young people."


Councillors Luisa Porritt, Tom Simon and Flick Rea

Parliamentary Spokespersons Matt Sanders and Matthew Kirk

GLA candidate Marisha Ray

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