Have We Reached Gender Equality in the European Parliament?

With the European Parliament officially opening today, it seems right to look at how this parliament will be a record breaker. Not because of the Liberal Democrats performance in the EU elections (although that was record breaking!), but because of the huge steps taken towards gender equality.

The United Kingdom’s delegation to the EU Parliament will now be 47% female.  This is the highest level ever, up from below 40% in the last parliament.

Not only this, but the Liberal Democrats are leading the way towards equality.  Our new delegation to the EU parliament is 56% female and both our delegation leader (Catherine Bearder) and our deputy leader (Camden’s own Luisa Porritt) are female.

At Camden Lib Dems we have noticed another trend in the UK’s EU parliamentary delegation.  The more ‘Brexity’ a party is (if you’ll forgive the term), the less gender equal they were in their selection for this election. 

The Remainer parties (Lib Dems, the nationalist parties and the Greens) have delegations with approximately 60% female members, both Labour and the Tories, who advocated different forms of a ‘Brexit with a deal’ in these elections, managed to be gender equal, something we should probably congratulate them for.  And kudos to the Northern Irish parties (who we classified separately for these purposes), for selecting a 100% female delegation.

It doesn’t take much, however, to see in this graph that the big let-down is Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.  Despite all Farage’s claims that he is advocating a ‘different type of politics’ the party’s delegation to the EU parliament is still 72% male. 

In fact, if we were to leave the Brexit party at home, something both Remainers and Brexiteers might think was a good idea, though for very different reasons, the UK’s delegation to the EU parliament would be almost 60% female.

There is a long way to go for gender balance in our institutions.  The EU parliament as a whole will be 39% female this year, up from 36%, part of a continuing long term trend of improvement towards balance (we have borrowed the below graph from the EU Parliament’s own report on Gender balance, published in 2018).

But the next major step we have to take as the United Kingdom is to balance out our very own parliament.  Figures compiled by the Inter Parliamentary Union show that, with only 32% of the members of the House of Commons being female, the UK ranks 39th in the world on female representation (though this handily beats the United States’ 23.6%). Nine EU countries have more balanced parliaments than we do.

As Liberal Democrats, we know that this process needs to start at home.  Currently 4 of 12 of our MPs are female, only very slightly better than the parliamentary average. 

Given the depth of female talent within this party, we can and must do better at the next election, whenever that may be.

8 Reasons Why You Should Join The Camden Liberal Democrats

It is an exciting time to be a Liberal Democrat.  In the past month we have recorded our best ever European and Local election results and a recent YouGov poll indicated that we might win a general election.  A lot of people are joining the Liberal Democrats at the moment, we are going through a massive membership surge - in fact our membership has just reached an all time high.

So why should you join the Lib Dems - what’s the point? Here are eight reasons:

1 - You Share Our Values
I know, we ‘buried the lead’ here, but this is actually important. Take a look at the preamble to our constitution - it sets out the basic values that we live by:

“The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.”

Does this strike a chord with you?  If so, maybe you should join the the Lib Dems.

2 - You Want To Stop Brexit 

Ok, here is the lead. The Lib Dems are the largest strongest anti Brexit party and Brexit is the biggest single issue facing our country at the moment.  If you want to stop Brexit, you belong in the Lib Dems.

We are united and unapologetic in our aim to stop Brexit. We do not think that there is any deal that can be negotiated with the EU that better than what we already have.  Our aim is to Stop Brexit by putting it back to the people in a referendum. 

We have done so much in the past couple of months to show that the country does not want the Brexit deal that Theresa May negotiated and there is a real and growing majority of people who want to Remain in the EU.

With your help, we can get a People's Vote and help to ensure that Remain wins.

3 - We Are a Team

Victory is sweeter when it is celebrated with your friends and defeat is made more tolerable when you have an allies to console you.  Fortunately there have not been to many defeats in the past year or two, but there have been some fantastic victories.

Camden Lib Dems are not just a political party, we are friends, confidants and allies.  We frequently run coffee mornings, Lib Dem pints and campaigning sessions.  When you join you will find tonnes of Lib Dems ready to welcome you into the party.

4 - Help Fight Climate Change

Climate change and air pollution threaten our future – but by investing in renewable energy and stopping the waste of energy and natural resources, we can protect our health and the environment, and boost the economy.

Lib Dems want to expand renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, cutting dependence on fossil fuel imports and generating more jobs and prosperity.

If you are particularly passionate about the environment you can join the Green Lib Dems, a campaigning group within the Lib Dems that is dedicated to promoting environmental issues.


5 - You Can Run for Office

You need to be a Lib Dem Member if you want to run for office as a Liberal Democrat.  If you do want to run, we will help you to pick a council ward and, if you work hard, you can win it.  You can also run for higher office. 

Its ok to admit it if you want to run for office and if you are willing to work for it, there are very few limits on what you can do as a Liberal Democrat. 

Our local member Luisa Porritt joined the party in 2016 after the EU Referendum.  She ran for Camden Council in the 2018 local elections, overturning a Conservative majority and winning her ward by 9 votes.  This year she was selected by the members to be a European Parliament candidate and, after a hard fought EU election campaign, Luisa became an MEP on 23 May.

6 - You'll be Helping us Financially

Winning elections costs money. 

Unlike the Tories, we don’t rely on a small number of super-wealthy donors. Unlike Labour, we don’t rely on the trade unions.

It doesn't cost much to join the Liberal Democrats.  Membership starts at £1 a month (£12 a year) with the recommended rate at £6 per month (£72 a year) and Students can join us for £1 for the first two years of their membership.

However, everything you give us go directly towards making sure we’re ready to fight and win elections. 


7 - You Get to Decide on Lib Dem Policy at our Conference

All Lib Dem members can submit policy motions that get voted on by our members.

Flagship Lib Dem policies that we implemented in coalition, like a 5p plastic bag charge, shared parental leave, and legalisation of same-sex marriage – they all came from policy ideas submitted by members.

And all our members have a vote on our policies.

We don’t work like the Tories or Labour, with policy being made behind closed doors... or just ignored altogether.

If you join us you can help decide the party's future direction.


8 - We Need You!

This is not a one way street. We’d love to have you as a member! With more members we have a louder voice, more financial resources and more campaigners who can help us win in more places than we ever have before.

Click Here to Join UsBecome a Member

Not quite ready yet? You can become a registered supporter. It’s free and means we will still allow you go to conference and get involved in the party, but you won’t be able to vote for leader or on party policy.

If you don’t want to do either, you can still give us your money!  We’d be very happy to accept a donation to Camden Liberal Democrats - even if you don't want to become a member.

Lib Dems win in Camden


The Liberal Democrats won across Camden for the first time in its history. Thanks to everyone who voted, delivered leaflets, or supported us in other ways.

With rumours of an autumn general election growing stronger, please join us and add your voice to our movement.

Camden Results by Party Number of Votes Share of Vote
Liberal Democrats 21,635 36%
Labour Party 13,564 23%
Green Party 9,582 16%
The Brexit Party 6,350 11%
Change UK 3,932 7%
Conservative Party 2,991 5%
Total Votes Cast 60,273  

Full Results: www.camden.gov.uk/european-parliamentary-election-2019
London Results: www.lewisham.gov.uk/EULondonResults2019

Lib Dems win in London


Many thanks to everyone who voted Liberal Democrat in the European Elections at the end of May, and supported the campaign to Stop Brexit. The Liberal Democrats topped the poll in London with 27% of the vote, pushing Labour into second place and electing three Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

Camden Councillor Luisa Porritt (front row, third from left) said “I am very grateful to everyone who voted Liberal Democrat in these elections. We had a clear, unequivocal message – we want to Stop Brexit. With your support, the Liberal Democrats will now redouble our efforts to secure a People’s Vote, and stop Brexit, so that we can focus on the real challenges facing our capital.”

Time is Running Out

Vote before 10pm TODAY

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Vote Liberal Democrat to help stop Brexit

✔️ Led the fight to STOP BREXIT for three years - nationwide and in Parliament.

✔️ BIGGEST REMAIN PARTY across the country according to the polls.

✔️ A LIB DEM WIN can force Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to listen on Brexit.

Back the biggest party for remain today

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Polls are Open


Polling stations are now open for voting in the European elections. You have until 10pm to vote and you do not need to bring your polling card with you.

Let Us Know You Have Voted

More and more people across the country are backing the Liberal Democrats TODAY - as the best choice to STOP BREXIT.

Brexit is an embarrassment. Theresa May is trying to deliver a disastrous Brexit that only Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg wanted. Labour and Jeremy Corbyn has aided and abetted her every step if the way.

The Liberal Democrats are the BIGGEST remain party - and have been leading the fight to STOP BREXIT for three years.

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats TODAY will send a strong message to Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to STOP BREXIT.

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We've got more momentum than Labour


There's been a clear pattern emerging in recent opinion polls - and it keeps getting better and better for us as time goes on.

Labour is sinking lower and lower - and the Lib Dems are on the up:

13th May

The response our campaign is getting makes it clear why this is happening. Labour is a pro-Brexit party, and Remainers have had enough.

14th May

They've started attacking us more and more recently. It's pretty obvious that we've got them rattled as we go up and they go down:

18th May

But as you can see, it's not exactly working out for them:

18th May

To the point that the most recent polls have us in second place above them:

18th May

The message is clear - Remainers can't trust Labour. Corbyn wants Brexit. More and more people who want to stay in the EU are switching to the Liberal Democrats as the biggest, strongest Remain party.

We believe that there's no deal better than our membership of the EU. We've been fighting to stop Brexit since the day after the referendum result. And our line is totally clear - every vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to stop Brexit.

We've come a long way since the day after that awful result in 2016. Now, a majority of the public backs our stance of a People's Vote. Politicians from all parties and none have joined our campaign. And on Thursday, we have the chance to send Labour and the Conservatives a message they can't ignore - we want an end to this national embarrassment.

Say you're with us. Pledge your vote to the Lib Dems on Thursday 23rd May and help us stop Brexit.

Former MPs are saying they will vote Lib Dem on Thursday!

Liberal Democrats have received a significant boost over the last few days by several high profile politicians from both Labour and the Conservatives.

Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine announced his intention to vote for the Liberal Democrats in this week's European Parliament election. He said, "I cannot, with a clear conscience, vote for my party when it is myopically focused on forcing through the biggest act of economic self-harm ever undertaken by a democratic government."

Read the Full Article Here

Then former Labour MP for Thurrock, Andrew Mackinlay, announced his plan to back the Liberal Democrats this Thursday. He said, "The only major party representing my beliefs in the European Union is the Liberal Democrats."

Current Labour MP Margaret Hodge has also urged voters to take "whatever action you need, within your locality, that gives you the best likelihood of electing somebody who will be a pro-European MEP"

It is clear that a vote for the Liberal Democrats is the best chance to put a stop to Brexit. Even Labour and the Conservatives have realised that if you want an exit from Brexit then you need to vote Liberal Democrat on 23rd May.

Lib Dem Support Surges Before European Election


Fresh off the back of a stunning set of local election results, where the Liberal Democrats won over 700 new seats, latest polling places the Liberal Democrats neck and neck with Labour before the European Parliament elections on the 23rd May.

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The polls are clear – Labour’s Brexit tactics are failing spectacularly

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