Camden’s Climate Action Plan

The Council has released its Climate Action Plan, setting out its five-year strategy for working towards a target of making Camden a zero carbon borough by 2030.

Having supported a cross-party motion declaring a climate and ecological emergency in October 2019, the Liberal Democrat Council Group are now asking questions about what the current level of emissions is in Camden, to better understand how the Council plans to achieve its zero-carbon objective.

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Belsize Village Streatery

A new ‘Streatery’ has opened in Belsize Village, under a temporary licence granted until 18 July.

Ten restaurants and cafes in the Village can now place tables and chairs in the pedestrianised area of Belsize Terrace and serve their customers outdoors.

Following consultation with local residents and other businesses in the area, Lib Dem councillors Luisa and Tom supported the Streatery’s creation and helped the Belsize Village Business Association to launch it on a trial basis when lockdown measures were relaxed on 4 July.

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Supporting Abacus School’s appeal

Outstanding-rated Belsize primary school Abacus, which educates 210 children from the local area, has launched its appeal to move into the former Hampstead police station on Rosslyn Hill.

Cllrs Luisa Porritt and Tom Simon have already written in support of the appeal, and are urging other supporters from the local area to do the same (details at the end).

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Join Our Summer Concert

We are delighted to invite you to a very special LIVE online concert of classical piano.

We in Camden Liberal Democrats are incredibly lucky to have, among our members, international concert pianist Katya Apekisheva, who is going to perform for us on 14th July to raise our spirits and some funds.

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Pride Month: Why Pride is still important

June is LGBT+ Pride Month. It is a time to look back on the history of the LGBT+ rights movement, its achievements and the huge progress that we have made.

It is also a time to reflect on the injustice and inequality that still exists in society, both here in the UK and around the world and to redouble our efforts to eradicate those inequalities.

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Pride Month: Let’s work to make equality for all a reality

This is a pivotal moment in the fight for equality. George Floyd’s murder has sparked Black Lives Matter protests demanding meaningful change to end structural racism and inequality in the US, Europe and further afield. It is also Pride Month – a time to celebrate the achievements of the LGBTQ+ rights movement to date and reflect on the work that remains to be done.

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People are angry. We should be.


We have all been touched by the grief and anger of the recent protests in the US and at home.

The Liberal Democrats exist to fight for justice, liberty and equality and we support the Black Lives Matter movement.

These protests are not just about America, nor about the issue of police tactics. At their heart, they are about injustice, inequality and discrimination.

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Black Lives Matter

We can all play our part to end racial injustice


Events in America over the past week have been truly shocking to observe. Amy Cooper used her white privilege to try and get Christian Cooper, a black New Yorker, arrested when he had not done anything wrong. George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, was murdered by a white police officer - denied both of his life and the opportunity to be judged equally before the law.

Clear evidence of police brutality against black Americans and other activists seeking to defend their rights emerged across several US states. President Donald Trump proved there is no denying he is a racist, by refusing to condemn these actions and deploying troops against those demanding justice for George Floyd.

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Coronavirus is affecting everyone.

The Camden Liberal Democrats have collected lots of information about how we can do our bit in giving help, and where we can ask for it. You can find that by clicking read more.


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Let's Save our NHS

With Coronavirus spreading through more and more people, the NHS is at the front of people's heads and how it will cope with this crisis. 

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