New Lib Dem leader Vince Cable will lead the fight to change the direction of Britain


Vince Cable and Jo Swinson are the new leader and deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Vince - widely respected for his experience and economic expertise - wants the Lib Dems to lead on Brexit, education, the economy and the NHS.

“I am ambitious for Britain, and I want the Liberal Democrats to represent the many millions of people who share our values,” Vince said.

“The Conservatives are in disarray - more focused on infighting than leading the country."

“And Labour are backing the Conservatives all the way on Brexit. They support leaving the single market."

“With the economy approaching the Brexit iceberg, only the Liberal Democrats will make the case for taking the country in a new direction."


Jo said, "I am very proud to have been elected by a newly energised and strengthened parliamentary party."

"The government has no majority and no mandate for its extreme version of Brexit, which would do such damage to the health of our economy and the fabric of our society."

"In this balanced parliament the Liberal Democrats will be a powerful influence and a strong voice for people who want to see an open, welcoming and tolerant United Kingdom."

Camden Lib Dem Councillor, Flick Rea, welcomed the new leadership team, "I have known both Vince and Jo for many years, both have been fantastic local MP's and both are best placed to build on Tim Farron's work and fight to change the direction of Britain."

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