Jill Fraser

key_jill_fraser.JPGI’ve lived in the area for 30 years, raised my children and grandchildren here, and have worked in the fish and chip shop on Queen’s Crescent market for 25 years.

Sadly, the issues residents raise with me have much in common – people are fed up with the council’s neglect of Queen’s Crescent Market, are frustrated by badly-managed housing repairs, and angry about cut after cut to local youth services.

Local residents are worried about the rising levels of crime and cuts to local policing, and they want the Labour council to stick to their promises and build more affordable homes so that they and their children can carry on living in this area.

Residents want a local champion who can stand up for them.

I’ve campaigned for years to breathe new life into the market, to get better community facilities and more youth services in this area, and I have the experience to really get things done.

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