Haverstock Hill Cycle Lanes – Have Your Say

Camden Council wants to install ‘pop up’ cycle lanes the full length of Haverstock Hill on both sides – from Chalk Farm to Pond Street. 

This would mean getting rid of all the parking bays, and moving  disabled bays onto to side streets. 

As Liberal Democrats, we want to encourage safe cycling, but we think the Council’s plans could be damaging for  residents and businesses in the area.  

Part of the problem is that the funding for these plans comes from the government, which has insisted the Council use  a process known as an ‘Experimental Traffic Order’. This means there won’t be any  consultation by the Council until after the changes are put in place. There will be a trial period of 12-18 months before a final decision is made on whether to make the changes permanent. 

We think this is the wrong approach for a scheme of this scale and potential impact

As your local Councillors we would like to know what you think. 

If the Council can’t or won’t consult with you, we will. 

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