Cllr Flick Rea's Objection to the Cricklewood B&Q Planning Application

Cllr Flick Rea has written to Barnet Council to object to the proposed development at the B&Q site.

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"I am writing to object to the above application in my capacity as Councillor for Fortune Green ward in the LB Camden. Fortune Green ward (the extreme north-west of Camden) covers part of Cricklewood and is next door to this development and, as such will be significantly affected by it.


"I have been in touch with many local residents who are deeply concerned both by the overall principle of the development, but also by the immediate effect it will have on their local neighbourhood and my objections reflect these concerns.

"Overall, we consider this a totally unacceptable overdevelopment of a comparatively small site. In order to provide 1,100 units, the development requires the building of a number of tower blocks -the largest of these being a massive 25- storey high building. This is completely unsuitable for a neighbourhood which is largely comprised of residential terraced housing of 2 or 3 storeys. It will overshadow streets, houses and gardens, dominate the skyline for miles around and change the aspect of NW London for ever.

"This excessively dense development (which does not even comply with Barnet’s own policies with its lamentably low level of affordable housing) will put huge strain on the already stretched local infrastructure and services both in Camden as well as Barnet.

"In particular, our residents are concerned about the effects on local traffic and transport. Our local roads will be seriously affected by the extra traffic this development will generate and local bus routes will be unable to cope with additional demand.

"Therefore, as Councillor for Camden’s Fortune Green Ward, I object to this neighbouring application on the grounds that it is overdevelopment, unsuitable for the Cricklewood area, includes too little affordable housing and is likely to produce unacceptable demands on our shared local infrastructure and services."

Flick Rea
Liberal Democrat Councillor
Fortune Green Ward
LB Camden

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