Conservative Government, through its inaction, concedes thousands more premature deaths

Camden’s air pollution is close to the worst in Europe, and it’s a killer. Air pollution contributes 40,000 premature deaths in the UK a year and costs the NHS £15 billion. This year, London exceeded its annual air pollution target in just five days. The Government announced on Wednesday 26 July their latest proposals, but instead added to their long list of failures to act to protect the people of Camden, London and the UK.

We urgently need a Green Transport Act, a new Air Quality Act, a diesel scrappage scheme and in addition to incentivise low polluting vehicles via fuel duties and modernising vehicle taxation. Locally, we also must introduce an Air Quality Action Plan, that picks off those issues, where local authorities can make a difference, one by one. The council needs a plan, a plan that is more than a glossy document, one that is actually acted upon and then enforced.

The UK must have the ambition to create the next generation of ultra low-emission vehicles, which would generate jobs and new industries.

Stephen Crosher, Camden’s Liberal Democrat spokesperson on energy & climate said:

“I’m excited about one of my current projects, that seeks to create the next generation of ultra low emission construction vehicles. Construction sites are a major source of the problem we face in Camden and its only going to get worse with HS2”

“However, despite hundreds of organisations, including our local Camden Air Action, actively involved in finding ways of reducing air pollution, we see yet another attempt by this Government to U-turn on their promises to tackle the crisis”

“Air pollution is damaging our children, but the Government plans allows three more generations of children to be poisoned by allowing diesel cars to be sold until 2040, which in turn means polluting diesel on our streets until 2055. It is yet another example of a despicable and uncaring government failure, that is imposed on future generations.”

“A bold move, putting UK industry at the forefront of change, would be to end all new diesel sales by 2025.”

“Its now hard to imagine any parent, prospective parent, or grandparent in Camden voting for a Tory government after this announcement.”

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