Fighting for Our Place in Europe

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that has consistently championed Britain’s membership of the European Union, because we believe that Britain’s best chance to succeed is within the EU.


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Protecting our NHS

Our NHS and social care staff work tirelessly to provide world-class health services and treatment. But they are in a state of crisis due to under-funding and neglect from the Conservative government. Social care alone is facing a £2bn black hole, while millions of people are missing out on getting the care they need. 


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Education for the Future

Education is key to creating an open, tolerant and united society. While in government, we were proud to introduce the Pupil Premium – additional money to support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds - as well as free school meals.


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Improving air quality

Poor air quality causes 40,000 premature deaths in the UK, more than 9,500 in London alone, and Camden is an area that is particularly at risk.


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