Will Coles


Will is a doctoral researcher in Classics at the University of London. He is committed to ensuring that there is a strong and pro-European opposition to Labour on Camden Council. As a doctoral candidate, Will is passionate about education, particularly in Camden which boats a high number of leading universities.

Will grew up in Shropshire where he first started to get involved in local politics and community activism. After a short stint in Surrey, Will moved into the London Borough of Camden and has called it home ever since. He is committing to preserving Hampstead’s diverse community by ensuring that there is proper housing provision for everybody, particularly young adults like himself for whom housing is an issue. Will is also committed to supporting Hampstead’s thriving high street, which is home to a high number of small businesses and makes our community a unique corner of the borough.

Will was a member of the Conservatives for over 5 years before joining the Liberal Democrats during the EU referendum campaign. He felt that the Liberal Democrats were the only party standing up for an open and tolerant society, and that they were the only party which advocates evidence-based policy.

Email Will: williamjamescoles@gmail.com
Follow Will on Twitter: @WilliamJColes