Standing up for Wendling Estate residents

Residents of Wendling have been consulted about regeneration of the estate five times in the last two years. Each consultation has led simply to the Labour council immediately announcing a further consultation.

Labour’s merry-go-round throws away money and leaves tenants and leaseholders in a state of perpetual uncertainty.

We call for the next consultation to be decisive and to be decided by a vote.

It is also imperative that the offer on the table should be open, honest and clear.

It is concerning that rumours are again circulating about tenants being relocated to Southend-on-Sea: there must be no doubt where people would be housed during rebuilding. Tenants and leaseholders must know what housing would be available to them and their families. And there must be clarity about the build quality: will the standards of Cherry Court be matched and if not why not?

Only Lib Dem councillors will stand up for the residents of Wendling.

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