Protecting our NHS

Our NHS and social care staff work tirelessly to provide world-class health services and treatment. But they are in a state of crisis due to under-funding and neglect from the Conservative government. Social care alone is facing a £2bn black hole, while millions of people are missing out on getting the care they need. 


We will raise an additional £6bn in revenue each year through an immediate 1p rise on the basic, higher and additional rates of income tax. This funding will be ringfenced to be spent only on the NHS and social care services.

This includes another £1billion for mental health care, £5million of which would be ring-fenced as dedicated funding for mental health services in Camden as part of a £20million package of extra NHS funding across the borough.

To support the NHS and social care workforce we will:

  • Guarantee the rights of all NHS and social care service staff who are EU nationals, the right to stay in the UK.
  • End the public sector pay freeze for NHS workers.
  • Reinstate student nurse bursaries. 

Kirsty Allan comments: 

“The quality of our NHS and social care is second to none. But there’s no denying healthcare in Britain has been under assault, with neither the Conservatives nor Labour willing to take the necessary steps to protect these vital services. Chronic under-funding has depleted resources, increased waiting times, and placed unrelenting strain on medical staff, while the disastrous effects of Brexit will undoubtedly lead to crippling staffing shortages.

“The Liberal Democrats are determined to invest in our NHS for the long-term. This means making sure all our services, from public and mental health, to social and primary care, are working as effectively as possible, and providing better support for all healthcare staff.” 

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