Lib Dems win clean sweep of by-elections

The Liberal Democrats won all four of the council by-elections that were held last night, gaining seats from the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP.

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Budget special - £50billion lost means residents will be £687 a year worse off


New studies show that the UK economy has stalled under the Conservatives.

This Conservative crash will wipe £49bn off the UK economy by 2021. That’s £687 for every person in the UK. Or enough to recruit 69,000 new police officers or 66,000 teachers.

The Conservatives are also putting £3bn aside for ‘problems’ with Brexit.

Despite a combined £52billion black hole the Conservative Government have still found money for extra new tax cuts for the richest.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Flick Rea said, “These are the wrong priorities. Tax cuts for the very richest are not the most important thing when our NHS and schools are in such valuable need of investment and the economy is a mess.”

“The government needs to get a grip on the economy and change its priorities to help normal people in our country”.

"People who need to switch buses should not be penalised" - Caroline Pidgeon

After more than a decade of action, Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon's campaign to secure a "one hour bus ticket" for Londoners has finally been rewarded, with news that an unlimited number of trips will finally be allowed from next year.

Commenting on today’s announcement Caroline said: "For a decade I have campaigned for a 1-hour bus ticket so the introduction at long last of this policy is incredibly welcome.

"People who need to switch buses simply to get from one place to another should not be penalised.   The 1-hour bus ticket is just what London needs.”

Also reacting to news of the introduction of a weekly cap on Oyster sometime in 2018, Caroline Pidgeon said:

“It is grossly unfair that there is a weekly cap on contactless payment but not on Oyster.   Boris Johnson even promised that a cap would be introduced by 2015.  This major anomaly should have been addressed many years ago.”

Happy 10th birthday London Overground and let’s hope you continue to grow in the years ahead – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, has today congratulated the London Overground on its 10th birthday.

In the last 10 years over one billion customer journeys have been made on London Overground and it has proven to be one of the most reliable train operators in the country.

Commenting on its 10 years of existence Caroline Pidgeon said:

“The London Overground is one of London’s success stories.  Passengers numbers have soared from 33 million in 2008/09 to more than 189 million in 2016/17.

“Its popularity is based on providing a far better train service than most other train operators.

“One very distinctive service it provides is that every station is staffed from the first to very last train every day.  That makes stations safer places for passengers and ensures that a ‘turn up and go’ service can exist for disabled people.

“Yet while today is a day to celebrate we should also recognise that the success of the London Overground could benefit hundreds of thousands more train users.  Devolving more London metro lines to TfL would expand London Overground to the capital and benefit thousands of more passengers.”

Thank You Gospel Oak!


A huge thank you to everyone who voted in the Gospel Oak by-election.

Lib Dem candidate Jill Fraser received a fantastic result, and has shown that the Lib Dems are the real opposition to Labour in Camden.

The full results are:
Labour: 1144, 57.5% (+10.5)
Liberal Democrat: 510, 25.7% (+18.7)
Conservative: 303, 15.3% (-2.4)
English Democrats: 31, 1.6% (+1.6)

Jill said, “Thank you so much to everyone who supported my campaign, knocked on doors, and delivered leaflets. Our result shows that there is demand for a hard-working local champion.”

Lord Kerr on Article 50

Last Friday Lord Kerr gave a powerful speech confirming that the UK’s notification of the intention to leave the EU can be withdrawn at any time before 29th March 2019. This intervention was a firm challenge to the Brexiteers’ narrative that the decision to leave the EU is irreversible now that Article 50 has been triggered.

If anyone knows the intentions of those that drafted Article 50 then it is Lord Kerr. Why? Because he wrote it. He told the audience that, “The Article is about voluntary withdrawal. It is not about expulsion. We don’t have to go if at any stage within the two years we decide that we don’t want to go.

Brexit is not a foregone conclusion

He is not alone in this interpretation which is shared by lawyers and politicians alike. Indeed, in recent weeks the government has come under pressure to publish legal advice that it has been given on this precise point. Some may argue that the status of Article 50 is a purely legal concern, yet the question of whether the UK can undo its decision to leave is really a matter of politics. If there is the political will for the UK to remain it can and will happen.

Significantly, a number of EU leaders have made clear that, if the UK wants to change its mind, they will not block us from remaining. Brexit is not a foregone conclusion.

On the same day that Lord Kerr gave his speech, Theresa May published an article saying that she intends to fix in law the date and time that the UK will leave the EU. Another attempt to give the impression that the decision cannot be undone. Yet the reality is that Parliament is, and always has been, sovereign. Whatever is passed into law today can be repealed in the future. So enshrining a leaving date in law counts for little. It does not make leaving any more inevitable.

EU Withdrawal Bill puts our rights at risk

The next significant event in the Brexit process is Parliament’s debate of the EU Withdrawal Bill. Contrary to statements from some members of the Conservative Party, seeking to amend this Bill is not an attempt to circumvent ‘the will of the people’. Those that took part in the referendum voted, by a small majority, to leave the EU. But there was nothing on the ballot paper about how this should happen. How can it legitimately be argued that the vote to leave the EU was a vote to give the government the power to take away many of our rights and protections without proper scrutiny and debate by our elected representatives? It can’t, but that is ultimately what will happen if the Bill passes unamended.

A re-think is needed

Every day we hear more news reports of how the economy is being affected by the decision to leave the EU and how our international reputation is being damaged. Despite a binding vote in Parliament, the government has so far refused to publish the 58 impact studies we had been assured existed. By no stretch of the imagination can it be said that negotiations with the EU are going well. A re-think is required as it becomes increasingly apparent that the promises made by Brexiteers during the referendum campaign cannot possibly be delivered.

It is crucial that in the coming weeks and months MPs argue and vote for what they know to be in the best interests of the country, not what is in the short-term interests of their own party. That is certainly what our Lib Dem MPs will be doing.

Ed Davey backs Jill


Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat MP and former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, paid a visit to Camden to support Jill Frasers campaign in Gospel Oak.

Ed said, "I've known Jill for many years. I know what a great councillor she was in the past, and she will be again if she gets elected."

"She won't walk away, or turn her back on Gospel Oak."

"If you want an opposition to this huge Labour majority, only the Lib Dems can beat Labour."

Click here to read Ed's interview with the Ham & High.

Jill Fraser: Local Choice; Local Champion


More and more residents are backing Jill Fraser to be their local champion in the council by-election on Thursday.

Lib Dem candidate Jill is a former Mayor of Camden, and she has the clout and credibility that is needed to get Gospel Oak back on the map. Jill has deep roots in the local community having lived here for 30 years and working in the chip shop on Queen’s Crescent Market.

Jill has a track record of representing council tenants and leaseholders and fighting for better services for young people.

People are fed up of Labour taking Gospel Oak for granted. Two of the councillors have walked away in the last few months and it seems that the Council are neglecting the area.

Jill says, “One more Labour councillor won’t make any difference. I promise to hold the Labour Council to account and get a better deal for Gospel Oak. I hope you will give me the chance to be your voice at Camden Town Hall. I will not let you down.”

Labour Let-down on Affordable Homes

Everyone knows that London is facing a housing crisis.

Here in Camden Labour promised 6,000 new homes in Camden between 2014 and 2018, but so far only 1,680 have been built – and only 40 were built by the council.

Local resident and Lib Dem by-election candidate Jill Fraser said, “Two of my three children have already had to move away from London because they cannot afford to live here, the third is planning to leave shortly.”

“Labour’s record on housing in Camden is a disgrace – they promise a lot, but don’t deliver”.

Vince Cable urges “Exit from Brexit”


Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable has spoken out as it becomes clearer that the Conservative Government’s plans for a Hard Brexit, even a “No Deal” Brexit, will be damaging for the national economy and for London.

He said, “The Liberal Democrats are the only party that represents the millions of people alarmed by the direction the country is taking: people, whether they voted remain or leave, who hate the intolerance, division and uncertainty facing the country. People want a brighter future.

“The Lib Dems are a voice of sanity on Europe and the economy. I have a track record of getting the big calls right on the economy and will put the long-term future of our country, our economy and our young people first.”

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