Make Camden A Pesticide-Free Borough

Pesticides, particularly glyphosate, are causing a catastrophic collapse of invertebrate species and are threatening human health.

Councils across London and the UK are turning away from pesticide use - including Hammersmith and Fulham, Croydon, Bristol and Edinburgh.  And they are leading the way showing that there are economic alternatives to chemical sprays.

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Camden Lib Dems support an all year round youth shelter

Camden Liberal Democrats are supporting New Horizon’s campaign for an all year round youth shelter after calling for a scoping study in our Budget Amendment this year.

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Camden Lib Dems join the Put It To The People march

Camden Liberal Democrats marched loudly and proudly at the 1 million+ strong march to Put It To The People. Demanding a People's Vote and an exit from Brexit.

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Lib Dem budget amendments

The Camden Liberal Democrats put forward our amendments to the Council's budget for 2019/20 with a particular focus on standing up for the vulnerable and stopping planned cuts to homelessness services from Camden Council. 

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Council bows to Lib Dem pressure on EU citizens role

The Leader of Labour-run Camden Council has appointed a new EU citizens champion, following Lib Dem pressure to urgently fill the vacated position.

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Camden Lib Dems demand action on ‘hidden homelessness’ among young people.

Camden Liberal Democrats have responded to Camden Council’s draft Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019-2024, criticising its lack of vision for helping young rough sleepers not currently captured by the Council’s data, i.e. those who are ‘hidden homeless’.

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Demand a new EU citizens champion for Camden.

"Last year, Camden Labour appointed an EU citizens ‘champion’ for the borough.

Our Liberal Democrat group supported the creation of the role, though we expressed concerns about the appointment process.

Eight months on, our champion has gone quiet.

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Lib Dems announce Siobhan Benita as London Mayoral candidate

The Liberal Democrats are delighted to announce that Siobhan Benita will be the party’s candidate for the London Mayoral elections in May 2020, and will lead the campaign for the London Assembly elections.

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Camden Lib Dem James King calls for massive investment in adult training

Camden Liberal Democrat campaigner James King is pushing for proper funding of adult training, to boost economic growth and living standards.

Speaking at Lib Dem party conference in Brighton, James called for more money to be invested in training, particularly from businesses. He also proposed more Government cash should be put into lifelong learning accounts for people who didn’t go to university, to give them a chance to boost their skills and get a fresh start.

This would use the same progressive principles as the Lib Dem pupil premium, which gives most funding to schools that have more kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.

James King is a member of the national Liberal Democrat economic policy working group and helped to shape new party policies including a major programme of adult training. He is also a former councilor for Kilburn.  

The Lib Dems will create an economy that really works for everyone - one that provides good jobs and opportunities at work ensures business serves the common good and sustains strong communities. The Lib Dems will create a national skills strategy and will expand skills and training levies.

James King said:

“Investment in skills is an economic issue but it’s also a social justice issue. It’s about people's participation, their stake in the economy, and about having the chance to succeed.”


7 commitments we made at Lib Dem conference that would improve Camden and London.


Last week we held our annual conference in Brighton, where party members got to set Lib Dem policy. Here are just 7 of those bold, progressive commitments that we made! 

1) We will reverse cuts to youth services

Lib Dems would reverse the damaging cuts to youth services which have contributed towards a rise in youth violence. Using ring-fenced additional investment in youth and children’s services, we would ensure that these services reach more children and young people than ever before, as well as provide more varied and high-quality support.

2) We would take in more refugees

Lib Dems would relax key legislation to make it easier for those seeking refuge in the UK to come and settle here. We would also abolish the arbitrary net migration target and close eight out of 10 detention centres to introduce a much needed, more compassionate approach to immigration. We would also support the creation of projects in schools to educate children about the UK’s migration history, as well as a national strategy to promote teaching English as a second language in order to improve social integration.

3) We will tackle "supermajority problem councils"

Lib Dems would tackle one-party states within local councils, by introducing the Single Transferable Vote at all local elections, as well as giving individual councillors the right to hold service providers to account and strengthening transparency within local authorities.

4) We will decriminalise abortion across the UK & Northern Ireland and introduce buffer zones

Lib Dems would enforce buffer zones around abortion service providers, ensuring that women are able to maintain their right to privacy and decriminalise abortion across the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland.

5) We will end state-sponsored segregation in our education system

Lib Dems would end state-sponsored segregation within education, by opposing new grammar schools and bringing an end to the habit of schools withholding poor exam results, to boost transparency and performance across the board. We would also abolish OFSTED, replacing it with a new independent inspection regime which assesses the long-term success of a school, including the degree to which it promotes wellbeing. We would also abolish Sats and league tables.

Layla Moran MP - Lib Dem education spokesperson

6) We will fight for justice for the Windrush Generation

Lib Dems called for a public enquiry into the Government’s hostile environment policy. We also want to see the introduction of a compensation system and the full restoration of rights for those who have suffered injustices, as well as the return of those who have been wrongly deported or detained to their homes in the UK.

7) We will demand a People’s Vote to bring about an Exit from Brexit (surprise!)

Lib Dems are redoubling our efforts to stop Brexit by demanding a final say on any Brexit deal, with an option to remain a full member of the EU on the ballot paper (and there are no prizes for guessing we would campaign to Remain).

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