Liberal Democrats call for budget boost for policing

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to use this month’s Budget to fund additional police officers.

Crime was falling before 2015 but since then Conservative cuts have eroded the police force’s strength and crime is increasing again in London.

Local campaigner Stephen Crosher says, “One of the main worries of residents in Gospel Oak is the increase in crime, particularly thieves on mopeds.”

“We need more police officers back on our streets, and more youth services to keep kids away from crime.”

Caroline Pidgeon & Jill Fraser Stand Up for Private Renters in Camden


Liberal Democrat campaigners were joined in Gospel Oak last week by London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon.

Caroline is working to raise the profile of private renters across London. Here in Camden, there are over 25,000 private renters, about 25% of residents, and across London about one-third of privately rented homes fail to meet the Government’s Decent Homes standard.

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EU Citizens Right to Stay


The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to give the 3 million EU nationals living in the UK guarantees about their future.

Parliamentary Spokesman Stephen Crosher said, “The Conservative Prime Minister could have used her recent speeches to give more certainty about the future of EU citizens. But she didn’t. The Conservative Government is wrong to be using EU citizens as a bargaining chip – they are our friends, our neighbours and in many cases the backbone of our local services and they deserve better.”

You can support the Liberal Democrats campaign for the rights of EU nationals at

Council youth cuts “shortsighted”


Across the Gospel Oak estates, the number one concern on the doorstep is about young people hanging around with nothing to do. There is real anger that the Council has protected youth services in Highgate and Somers Town, but pulled them out of Gospel Oak.

Jill Fraser, Liberal Democrat candidate for Gospel Oak, said “The staff and volunteers at Queen’s Crescent Community Association do a great job of running a youth club during the week, but it relies on donations and grants – it can’t replace the Council-run youth and careers service that the Labour Council cut last year. The Liberal Democrats believe that councils should be required by law to provide youth services - young people deserve good local services like the rest of us!”

Wendling: What’s going on?


The council has started yet another consultation on the future of the Wendling Estate, with new plans to be available by the end of the year. Local residents have told Liberal Democrat campaigner Jill Fraser that they are fed up of all these consultations.

Jill says “Local people are telling me they are fed up of the council wasting their time and money on expensive consultants. They are fed up that basic repairs aren’t being done because everyone’s too busy coming up with grand plans.”

“Camden’s Labour Council are all talk and no action.”

Jill Fraser for Gospel Oak


Gospel Oak Liberal Democrats have selected community champion Jill Fraser as their candidate in the forthcoming local by-election. The by-election, triggered by the resignation of a second Labour councillor in six months, will take place on Thursday 9th November.

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Affordable homes for our young people

Vince Cable, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, has made tackling the housing crisis a top priority.

Vince believes the Government should allow local councils to borrow to invest in new, affordable housing. He also wants tax penalties on the purchase of property for investment purposes, by overseas residents, which has led to soaring prices in London. Vince says, “Homes are to live in; they’re not pieces on a Monopoly board”.

Local resident, Jill Fraser, who lives in the West Kentish Town estate, welcomed the Lib Dem commitment to affordable, good quality housing. Jill said, “It’s so difficult for young people in our area to buy or rent a decent home. The Tory Government is out of touch – they must fund the building of new homes to give people a fair start in life.”

We need an Exit from Brexit


Camden Lib Dems are stepping up the fight against the disastrous and chaotic Hard Brexit that the Conservatives are pursuing, with the support of Corbyn’s Labour party.

Prices are rising, investment is falling, and economic growth is slowing. There has also been a sharp fall in the numbers of nurses from EU countries registering to work in the NHS, adding further pressure to our health service.

Stephen Crosher speaking at the Lib Dem conference said, “The world I want my three daughters to grow up in is not one of splendid isolation but of magnificent connection, with all the benefits membership brings.”

The Rubbish Service is a Mess

We are now six months into Camden Council’s new waste collections scheme and, as predicted, there have been many complaints.

Liberal Democrats firmly believe in the principle of increased recycling and cutting down on the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

However, Camden Labour have made a real mess of these changes. We have asked why the changes were not piloted in one area to start with, so some of the problems could have been sorted out in advance.

Lib Dem Cllr Flick Rea secured a 30% discount for elderly and disadvantaged people on the much-hated garden waste charge. However, Camden is so mean that it has given this no publicity in the hope that everyone will pay the full charge. So if you are entitled to the discount, claim it now by contacting Veolia on 020 7812 5000.

Local resident Matthew Kirk says, “Labour have made a real mess of their rubbish collection service. It’s time they conducted a thorough review of what’s gone wrong, and pushed their contractors to do a better job.”

Walking Away...

Labour councillor quits Gospel Oak... again

One of the Labour councillors in Gospel Oak is quitting. He is leaving his important role here to take up a well-paid job working for the Mayor of London.

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