Polls Show Lib Dems Neck and Neck with Labour in Hampstead and Kilburn

Polls Show Lib Dems Neck and Neck with Labour in Hampstead and Kilburn

Polling analysis by the anti Brexit group – Best For Britain - has shown the Lib Dems just ahead of Labour in Hampstead and Kilburn.

The analysis showed that in both of the constituencies in Camden, the election will be fought between the Lib Dems and the Labour party, with the Conservatives unable to win in either seat.


Liberal Democrat candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn, Matt Sanders responded to the polls:

“The most recent election results and polling shows that the Liberal Democrats can win in Hampstead and Kilburn. Our clear message to stop Brexit, tackle climate change and invest in public services, is resonating with thousands of people here. Our area voted overwhelmingly to Remain, and wants a Remain MP from a Remain Party.

“Traditional Conservative voters know that the Tories are out of the race here – only the Liberal Democrats or Corbyn’s Labour can win in Hampstead and Kilburn.”


Holborn and St Pancras candidate Matthew Kirk remarked that:

“In Holborn St Pancras voters do not have to vote tactically.  They can choose the party that best represents them, without any fear that the Conservative candidate will win.  Camden is a 75% remain area and there is simply no chance that a Conservative could beat either the Lib Dems or Labour here.”


The Liberal Democrats won both seats by a significant margin in the European elections earlier this year.  Estimates by the academic Chris Hanretty showed that the Lib Dems picked up 38.8% of the vote in the EU elections in Hampstead and Kilburn, against Labour’s 21.7%.  In Holborn and St Pancras, the Lib Dems reached 32% of the vote, against Labour’s 24.1%. 

The Conservatives came in sixth place in the European election in both constituencies with under 10% of the vote.

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