Muslims should feel as welcome in our society as anyone else

This week, members of the Muslim community felt unable to leave their homes in a vile planned attack on their religious freedom and identity.

Here in Belsize, one woman told me last weekend that neither she nor her kids would be leaving the house on 3 April, so called 'Punish a Muslim Day', after a letter was circulated promising rewards to those who carried out physical attacks or verbal abuses towards Muslims.

On the day, I went to visit the same lady and she was afraid to open the door until she knew who it was. When we spoke, she was visibly upset as she said she had heard reports of Muslims she knew being targeted. And indeed, her kids had stayed at home with her.

She wasn't the only one who felt afraid. Other Muslims living in the same building were not opening their doors as our team went round knocking on them.

This appalling Islamophobia has no place in a liberal, tolerant, open society.

We firmly believe Camden, which is many ways a microcosm of London and the country at large, is all the better for its diversity.

If you agree, please do what you can to make your neighbours, local business owners, and public servants from the Muslim community feel at home.

For our part, we promise to call out and tackle prejudice whenever and wherever we see it.

Thank you for standing with us against intolerance.

Luisa Porritt,

Liberal Democrat candidate for Belsize ward

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