Jill Fraser: Local Choice; Local Champion


More and more residents are backing Jill Fraser to be their local champion in the council by-election on Thursday.

Lib Dem candidate Jill is a former Mayor of Camden, and she has the clout and credibility that is needed to get Gospel Oak back on the map. Jill has deep roots in the local community having lived here for 30 years and working in the chip shop on Queen’s Crescent Market.

Jill has a track record of representing council tenants and leaseholders and fighting for better services for young people.

People are fed up of Labour taking Gospel Oak for granted. Two of the councillors have walked away in the last few months and it seems that the Council are neglecting the area.

Jill says, “One more Labour councillor won’t make any difference. I promise to hold the Labour Council to account and get a better deal for Gospel Oak. I hope you will give me the chance to be your voice at Camden Town Hall. I will not let you down.”

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