Is Camden leaving elderly residents behind?

Too many shiny new traffic and redevelopment schemes don’t take account of those who have impaired eyesight or hearing, find walking difficult or who aren’t able to carry heavy shopping bags up the hill to home.

And what about the Council’s stated aim to help the elderly live independently and overcome loneliness? Difficult if you can’t have visitors! But the simple scratch card visitors’ parking permit is set to be phased out and replaced by digital permits. Those without access to a computer or smartphone, who have poor sight or arthritic fingers, or find it difficult to use the phone due to poor hearing, simply won’t be able to get visitors permits any more. Camden says scratch cards cost £60,000 ( not a lot in terms of the overall budget) but it seems like a heavy price to pay for the possibly serious impact on the wellbeing of some of our more vulnerable residents.

We’ve urged Camden to think again – and hope they are listening!


By Cllr Flick Rea 


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