How to Stop Brexit: Nick Clegg in Camden


We were pleased to welcome Sir Nick Clegg to Camden earlier this week after hearing him speak to a packed audience as part of the Open Britain campaign.

'Visceral rage'

The former Deputy Prime Minister spoke passionately about the shared ideas and values that are the foundation of the European Union. A union that began in the wake of two destructive world wars, with European countries closely working together so that future conflict would be unthinkable.

He talked about the 'visceral rage' he feels at the betrayal of the young people of this country who will have to live with the damaging consequences of the decision to leave - a decision that was based upon lies about everything that Brexit would bring.

"A democracy without accountability is not a democracy"

Sir Nick rejected the suggestion that to keep fighting to remain in the EU is in any way undemocratic. Democracy did not end on 23rd June 2016.

He emphasised the importance of the role of MPs. Only they can begin the reversal of Brexit. He told us that MPs will be duty bound to hold the Government to account when it fails to deliver on anything that was promised. He urged us all to contact our MPs and let them know why they should withhold their consent to proceed with Brexit when Parliament votes later this year.

Fixing the NHS

He also reminded us that, if Brexit goes ahead, the damage done to the economy will mean that we cannot fix the NHS. He described Labour’s endorsement of a Conservative hard Brexit as "the greatest act of betrayal of progressive politics for 100 years."

There’s no escaping the reality that Brexit will mean our country will become poorer, austerity will have to continue and vital workers will leave. The Brexiteers' tactic has been to accuse the economic experts of bias, rather than to point to any credible evidence that supports their view that we would have a stronger economy outside the EU.

Over the past few days, we’ve heard Jeremy Corbyn speak out in favour of better funding for the NHS. Undoubtedly a good cause and the reason why the Lib Dems have argued for a penny on income tax to fund our health service. But Labour’s support for leaving the Single Market and Customs Union is incompatible with a properly funded NHS.

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