Camden Liberal Democrats secure priority housing support for the terminally ill

Camden Liberal Democrats have welcomed a change in Camden Council’s Homelessness strategy which gives greater support to those who are terminally ill



The policy change came in the Labour Council’s new Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy, approved by the Council’s Cabinet on Wednesday (17 August). It makes “Households including a person who is terminally ill and receiving care or significant support in Camden“ one of the top priority groups for housing in the Borough.

In their comments on the draft strategy earlier this year, Camden Liberal Democrats argued that those who have been diagnosed as terminally ill should be given priority in housing allocations. The previous draft limited the definition of those ‘in need’ to those receiving “regular (at least fortnightly) treatment under the care of a hospital in the borough.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Luisa Porritt said “I am pleased that the Council has acted on our suggestion to broaden the definition of those who are homeless and should receive priority housing in Camden. Those who are terminally ill and receiving treatment in a Camden hospital will now have dignity in their final days.”

Stopping homeless people dying on the streets has been a campaign led by Lib Dem MP Sir Ed Davey, who submitted a draft Bill to Parliament last year (the Homelessness (End of Life Care) Bill). Ed Davey said ‘It’s great news that Camden Council has taken this step. Now we need the Government to change the law so that terminally ill homeless people all have right to housing - and to provide all Councils with the funding they need to make this happen. It can’t be right that in London in the 21st century there are people dying on our streets.

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