Former Camden Conservative Leader Joins Lib Dems

Cllr Andrew Marshall, former leader of Camden Conservatives, has joined the Liberal Democrats. Andrew is a long-serving councillor for Swiss Cottage ward and was Deputy Leader of Camden Council from 2006-10.

In making his decision, Andrew highlighted the national Liberal Democrat opposition to Brexit and the potential benefits to Camden from electing a large group of local Lib Dem councillors.

Andrew Marshall said, “I left the Conservative Party after four decades last year - largely, but certainly not only, over Europe. I find that my values are now best reflected in the Liberal Democrats: moderate, inclusive economics to broaden opportunity, reform of our political system, a robust approach to sustainability and an internationalist, pro-European ethos.

“No party has a monopoly of wisdom, and pro-Europeans across all parties need to work closely together. A large cohort of Lib Dem MPs at Westminster would be good news for national policy in so many ways, and a big group of Lib Dem councillors in Camden would galvanise local politics in our borough and improve responsiveness to all our residents.   

“I’ll be standing down as a local councillor after 24 years in May, as I indicated last year, but I’ll be doing my bit to get Liberal Democrats elected in the months and years ahead.”

Camden Lib Dem councillor Flick Rea said, “I'm delighted that Andrew and I will now be Liberal Democrat colleagues on the Council. We've worked together on many issues over the years, including during the successful Lib Dem-Conservative Partnership Administration of 2006-10.

“Like Andrew, the Lib Dems passionately believe that Camden benefits from EU membership. I know that many other liberal minded Camden residents who have previously supported the Conservatives are dismayed by the Government’s hard Brexit agenda. The local elections this May offer an opportunity to register discontent with the country's direction and to promote liberal values by supporting Camden Lib Dem candidates.”

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