Fighting for Our Place in Europe

The Liberal Democrats are the only party that has consistently championed Britain’s membership of the European Union, because we believe that Britain’s best chance to succeed is within the EU.


The EU is the largest market in the world, and a major driver of UK prosperity, bringing countless benefits to the UK through the Single Market and freedom of movement of workers. The EU helps create jobs, supports cutting edge research and innovation, promotes environmental sustainability, and contributes to maintaining public services like the NHS and schools. 

While we respect the decision taken in June 2016, the disastrous hard Brexit being imposed by a reckless Conservative government was never on the ballot paper. Theresa May’s Conservative government has cynically chosen to ignore the will of the 48% that voted to remain in the EU. As Camden voted overwhelmingly – 76% - to stay in the EU, our candidates Kirsty Allan and Stephen Crosher are fully committed to a second referendum, giving the people the final say on any Brexit deal.

Kirsty Allan comments:

“The Conservatives are dead set on forcing through a hard Brexit and Labour have done nothing to oppose them. The Labour manifesto calls for an end to freedom of movement and for us to leave the single market. Jeremy Corbyn believes 'the Brexit issue is settled' despite UK and EU constituents alike having no clear idea what their future looks like. 

“Hampstead and Kilburn deserves better. 76% of this constituency voted to remain in last June's referendum. The Liberal Democrats are the only party willing to stand up and fight the disastrous effects of Brexit and offer a referendum on the outcome of the negotiation to give people a real choice based on fact. This election is a huge opportunity to send a strong message and change the direction of this country.”

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