Fighting Against a Hard Brexit

This is the most important issue facing the UK and Liberal Democrats are the only major party standing up against the worst excesses of a disastrous decision

Negotiations have just started between the EU and Tory Brexit teams. Some are saying “let’s just get on with it!” but as it becomes clearer that Brexit is going to be a disaster the Liberal Democrats are renewing their campaign to stay in the Single Market and the Customs Union.

The implications of the threat of Hard Brexit are already being seen – in reduced access to grants for research; EU trained nurses, overseas students, and seasonal workers disappearing; less inward investment; and rises in food and petrol prices caused by the drop in the pound.

Liberal Democrats believe that the best place for Britain is at the centre of Europe. Exiting the Single Market would mean massive constitutional change and disruption and see the country facing long-term chaos and uncertainty.

Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats are leading the fight against a Brexit Coalition of Chaos between the Tories and Labour. The Labour party are supporting Tory plans for a Hard Brexit and betraying all those young people, here in Camden and across the country, who voted for a better future.

Polls are showing a growing appetite for a review by the public of the terms of the deal, if and when it’s made. Liberal Democrats will stand up for the people’s right to choose.

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