Education for the Future

Education is key to creating an open, tolerant and united society. While in government, we were proud to introduce the Pupil Premium – additional money to support pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds - as well as free school meals.


We believe a broadened, balanced curriculum will help give children the best possible start in life. That requires investing in top-quality teacher training and making sure our schools infrastructure is up to 21st century standards. 

But cuts by the Conservative government have meant that schools across Camden have been forced to ask for donations, while teachers and staff are put under more and more pressure. At the same time, plans to open new grammar schools and expand free schools will disproportionately benefit children from wealthy backgrounds. 

We will invest £50m to protect school funding in Camden over the next parliament. This funding would reverse cuts to frontline school and college budgets, protect per pupil funding in real terms and ensure no school loses out from changes to funding arrangements.

Over the course of the parliament, we have committed to:

  • · Protect per pupil funding in real terms in schools (£3.3bn)
  • · Protect further education per pupil funding in real terms (£660m)
  • · Ensure no school loses out from the National Funding Formula (£1.26bn)
  • · Protect the pupil premium in real terms (£415m)
  • · Invest in continuous professional development for teachers (£165m)

Kirsty Allan comments:

“Under the Conservatives, funding per pupil is set to be cut, while billions of pounds are being spent to expand grammars and free schools. These plans will disproportionately help the most well-off students, while risking the opportunities of those most in need. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that the Conservative vision for the future is one of division and inequality, rather than openness and unity.

“Rather than wasting resources on new grammars and free schools, we should be repairing school infrastructures, providing top-quality teacher training, and making sure our education system caters to all students and learning abilities, regardless of background.”

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