Cllr Flick Rea criticises use of Right to Buy profits


The Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Camden Council, Cllr Flick Rea, has criticised the fact that profits from the sale of council homes were never returned to local authorities to build new council homes.

Speaking in the Camden Citizen, which you can read here, Flick said, "Whilst it is a commendable ambition for people to want to own their own homes, it has never been right that the profits were never returned to local authorities to build new homes and replenish their housing stock."

"Furthermore, the process was not set up to prevent early resales, thus doubling the inequity for local authorities such as Camden who effectively lost out twice!"

"As it is, it has led to a system of greedy landlords buying up ex-Council properties and converting them into high-rent tenancies. No help there for those who need social housing, and no help for local Councils to build new homes."

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