Camden Lib Dems nominate full list of candidates!

Camden Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce the party’s full slate of 54 candidates in each of the 18 wards of the Borough of Camden, to give voters the opportunity to elect hard-working, liberal, and genuinely pro-European voices to the council.

The candidates have a mix of experience. Eight current or former councillors are standing again, while almost 40% of the 54 candidates are newer members who have joined the Liberal Democrats since May 2015, bringing new energy and ideas. This strong, diverse group of new candidates has been motivated by the Liberal Democrat revival, with membership having doubled in Camden since 2015, partly based on the party’s robust defence of those who voted to remain in the European Union in the June 2016 referendum. Collectively, the Camden candidates are campaigning for an open, internationalist and collaborative approach to how our borough and country are run.

Candidates hail from a diverse range of backgrounds. They include current council tenants (Jill Fraser, Daviyani Kothari, Mukul Hira), and individuals working in public services, such as Nancy Jirira (nurse), Charlotte Wattebot-O’Brien (doctor), and Tracey Shackle (family learning practitioner).

New candidates include recent graduates (Mark Johnson, Surya Kumaravel, Max Karasinski), as well as Will Coles who is a current PhD student. Some candidates work in business or law in the City of London (Roger Fox, Kushal Bhimjiani, Victor Hjort), others are people running their own businesses (Luisa Porritt, Stephen Crosher, Erich Wagner).

Finally, the eight former or existing councillors who are standing bring substantial experience of local government, including from the period when the Lib Dems ran the council (2006-2010). These former councillors are experienced in the areas of planning, education, waste collection, and health and social care.


Roger Fox, Chair of Camden Liberal Democrats, said:

“I am proud that we are offering all residents across Camden the opportunity to elect Liberal Democrat councillors on 3rd May. All over the borough, our teams offer an invaluable mix of experience and fresh perspectives. They include both former councillors and those who have energetically turned to the Lib Dems more recently, to fight for an open and inclusive society.

“We are united in our aim to offer a strong policy agenda for Camden, that will deliver a borough which is safer, greener and supports inclusivity, diversity and creativity. We will also continue to represent the vast majority of Camden residents who voted to Remain. And we will work to a bring about an Exit from Brexit, by giving electors the chance to send a clear message to the other parties at the ballot box that they are unhappy with the pro-Brexit policies of Labour and the Conservatives.”

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