Camden Council are rubbish about rubbish!

Labour-run Camden Council has a poor record on recycling. The Council has now announced changes to our rubbish collections, including a reduction to fortnightly general waste collection in some areas.

This may save the Council money up-front, but the increased street cleaning that could be needed could wipe out any savings. And the whole Borough could soon look like the above picture. 

The areas for going fortnightly have yet to be announced - though you can bet they won't be in the south of the Borough. In West Hampstead we will find this difficult, especially the flats above shops, houses converted into six or eight flats and small terraced houses. We are already short of space for storing waste. We fear the waste police will be busy trying to catch offenders! Meanwhile, Camden has announced that garden waste collection will now be charged for at £75 a year. (And watch out for higher charges for collection of bulky items too.) This is likely to hit you hardest if you live in one of West Hampstead's small Victorian terraced streets with little outside space. Will you add your green rubbish to the overflowing fortnightly collection, just put it on the street in a back bag or concrete over your garden?

Lib Dem Councillor Flick Rea told the Council that, if they are hell-bent on this scheme, they should look at ways to help elderly and disadvantaged people with a discounted offer, or set up street schemes where neighbours can share garden waste collections at a
minimal cost. They seem to have listened and agreed to a concessionary rate and a sharing scheme! A small victory perhaps, but it could help some people. You may have received a jolly green leaflet in the post telling you Camden is setting up a £10,000 annual
scheme to give rewards for "good recycling". They're also going to penalise those who don't recycle properly! Can you imagine the additional cost of waste policing our individual bins? Has Camden Labour lost the plot?


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